• judson memorial church (map)

Sat. June 3rd, 1030pm, Artists for a Free World Ensemble @Vision Festival 22//Judson Memorial Church: 55 Washington Square S, New York, NY 10012.


Super Excited to perform on the 22nd Annual Vision Festival with, Artists for a Free World Ensemble:

Direction, Choreography by Patricia Nicholson
Part 1. "Justice" composed by Oliver Lake
Part 2. "Soliloquy for the Children who lost Everything & the Flowers that Saved Them" composed by William Parker

Live Video Art: Bill Mazza
Dancers: Miriam Parker, Jason Jordan, Guanglei Hui,
nna Pauline Gichan,  Patricia Nicholson, 
Voices: Fay Victor, Amirtha Kidambi, Lisa Sokolov, Andrea Wolper, Jean Carla Rodea
Strings: Melanie Dyer, Jean Cook, Gwen Laster, Brandon Lopez
Reeds: Oliver Lake, Abraham Mennen, Lee Odom, Ras Moshe, Dave Sewelson, Karen Borca
Horns: Vincent Chancey, Jaimie Branch
Rhythm Section: Cooper-Moore, Hamid Drake, William Parker, Dan Kurfirst
Art Installation: Melanie Dyer, Jackson Krall, William Parker, Patricia Nicholson