Honored to be sitting in with another homie filled band, Heroes are Gang Leaders (HAGL) - we hit at 9:30 at the vision festival, but it is again one hell of a music filled night. COME GET NOURISHED.

the only way i can try and describe HAGL is: a free-funk-jazz rhythm section flanked by horns propelling a mob of poetry into your ears. IT IS THE GOOD GOOD ISH. and i hope you all can check out a rare NYC performance *even rarer cuz i’m up in there(!)

Heroes are Gang Leaders
Thomas Sayers Ellis - poetry, bandleader
James Brandon Lewis - tenor saxophone jaimie branch - trumpet
Melanie Dyer - viola
Luke Stewart - bass 
Jenna Camille - keyboards, vocals
Randall Horton - poetry
Devin Brahja Waldman - alto sax, synth
Bonita Penn - poetry
Nettie Chickering - vocals
Brandon Moses - guitar
Warren "Trae" Crudup - drums