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About this Event

Wednesday, September 4th

Blacks' Myths + Sunwatchers + Anteloper

9pm - $12 - All Ages


Washington, DC


"Blacks’ Myths’ is the project of drummer Warren “Trae” Crudup III and bassist Luke Stewart (also an editor at CapitalBop), the powerhouse duo that forms the bedrock of the acclaimed James Brandon Lewis Trio. One track on the album, “The Spear,” shares elements of Lewis’s hard-hitting punk-jazz aesthetic, but Blacks’ Myths is on the whole a meditative, circular-sounding album, often ruminating for minutes on a single musical idea. Stylistically, its closest relative may be 20th-century minimalism: The spare sonic landscape of “Black Flight” resembles the work of Morton Feldman, and the undulating, layered rhythms of “Upper South” hearken to Steve Reich. Julius Eastman’s use of spare, harsh textures as pained musings on identity and race resonate, too, as do the additive drones of experimental rock titans Swans. Yet Stewart and Crudup have their own sound, cohered by their intense sensitivity to each other and their willingness to stretch their instruments beyond their traditional roles. Stewart accomplishes this through looping and delay pedals, and Crudup through textural swells and muscular, Tony-Williams-esque barrages of intense, focused rhythm." - Jamie Sandel, Capitol Bop




Sunwatchers are a fierce New York ensemble creating jubilant, chaotic elegies to modern sound along the interstices of avant-jazz, punk, psychedelia, Ethio-jazz, and desert blues. Comprised of Peter Kerlin (bass guitar), Jim McHugh (electric guitars, phin and saz), Jason Robira (drums), and Jeff Tobias (alto saxophone/keyboard), the group features current & former members of Dark Meat, Chris Forsyth’s Solar Motel Band, Arthur Doyle’s New Quiet Screamers, and the contemporaneous psychedelic Thai-Molam outfit Drunken Foreigner Band. Focused and frenzied by the implacable gauntlet of political horrors and the oppositional nature of their adopted hometown, 2018 saw the band relentlessly productive vis a vis North American and European tours, members recording solo material and making countless contributions to the records of others, and, most crucially, four full-length albums.




ANTELOPER is the electric brain child of JAIMIE BRANCH (fly or die, high life) and JASON NAZARY (little women, helado negro, bear in heaven). Branch and Nazary have been playing together as trumpeter and drummer for years, since meeting at the New England Conservatory of Music in 2002, but in this duo both musicians include synthesizers to push further into the spectral space ship ether. With deep rhythmic passages, telepathic improvisations and effortless melodic negotiations, Anteloper pushes forward, swinging its horns all the while.